Teachers Heroes

Tisia Stemp

by Justine from Las Vegas

What the teacher is, is more important than what they teach. ~Karl Menninger

I picked my hero to be my 6th-7th grade teacher, Tisia Stemp. I met her when I attended at Explore Knowledge Academy.

Mrs. Stemp is really an encouraging and bright teacher. I admire her in many ways. She is really beautiful. Her smile always brightens the day, and her eyes are always shinning.

Mrs. Stemp is a very caring person. She is always there to help if you have a problem and is a great listener. She helped my friend and I, when we got into a huge fight. She never gave up on us and helped us regain our friendship. Just talking about problems to her, already made me feel relieved. Whenever I needed advice, I would always go to her also. I loved getting advice from her.


Tisia is also very brave. She takes chances without hesitation and always speaks her mind. Sometimes, she even puts herself on the line for others. Mrs. Stemp fights for what she believes in and kept our class together for as long as she could. She was never discouraged and always kept a strong face and spirit. I learned a lot from her bravery.

Mrs. Stemp changed my life, and taught me how to be a better person. She let me bring out my characteristics. If it weren’t for her teachings, advice, creativity, and just being there in general, I would never have the perspective or friends I have now.

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