Tricia Stone

by Parker from Georgia

My hero is my mom Tricia Parker Stone. There are many traits about Tricia Parker Stone that I want to share. I have known my mom for my whole life since I was a baby. We live in Savannah, Georgia. My mom is a great hero because she doesn’t only help me, she helps a lot of people since she is a judge.

What I really like about my mom is that she tries her best in everything. She helps me study for tests and I do great. Here are some traits about my mom.

One time I had to get an A and it was the hardest test I have ever taken. I got an A because my mom helped me study. Another thing about my mom is that she puts my needs in front of hers. She does everything we need to have a great life. For example, every time I’m sick she misses work to take care of me even though she has an important job. These are some traits about my mom.

There are many similarities and differences between my mom and the ancient Greek heroes. My mom is just like Odysseus who survived the Trojan War. That symbolizes bravery, just what my mom has. She also has strength like Heracles but not the kind of strength needed to strangle a lion. Her strength is on the inside. She also has the courage of Heracles since he performed those twelve impossible labors. She will always be my mom forever. My mom is a great hero.

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