Theresa Strader

by Alicia

Theresa Strader and a dog she saved. (Google images ())
Theresa Strader and a dog she saved. (Google images ())

Do you have a pet ? If you do you most likely adopted it from a shelter or rescued it. Theresa Strader helped saved many pets lives. The first main thing that she did involving animals is when she went to a dog auction after she received an email stating there were 50 Italian Greyhounds in need. At the auction there were over 500 hundred animals in need. It was where she met Lilly her dog who she calls her inspiration. She bought Lilly and 12 other dogs then she worked hard to find homes for the other 12 dogs. She still went around finding homes for the animals.

At an auction she met a lady, the lady later called her and told her about 43 animals that were going to be killed that week, Theresa then rescued the animals and decided to spend her life rescuing animals.

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