Trevor Yurista

by Victoria from Lagrangeville

My hero, Trevor Yurista, was not only a close friend to me, but to many more people. Trevor was always there for me. He was so close to my family, we even called him, “Uncle Trev”. There are many heroic qualities that I valued, for example, he was my soccer and t-ball coach, a great soldier, and he even taught little boys in Afghanistan how to play soccer. He also encouraged my brother to join the Army. Trevor was born on March 5, 1971. Unfortunately Trevor died in Helmand, Afghanistan on October 27, 2008 at thirty-seven years old. This tragic death was due to a roadside bomb. Trevor’s sister, Heather, mother, Donna, and Father, Ronald, were extremely hurt to hear this just like many other close friends and family.

Trevor Yurista was mostly known for his outstanding hospitality. But he was also an amazing Captain in the Marines who served three tours , one in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. Also Trevor is known around Pleasant Valley for his soccer and t-ball coaching skills. One year for town soccer he even dressed up in a Tigger suit for Winnie the Pooh for spooky soccer day! Trevor was greatly loved by everybody.

When Trevor died on October 27th, in Helmand province, Afghanistan, it was like the world went quiet. He was doing a normal check with some people from his unit when out of nowhere, the hum-v he was in blew up from a road-side bomb. After two successful tours, only one had gone wrong and only one ended everything. Trevor was a generous man who would do anything for anybody, which is why I don’t understand why he, out of all people on Earth had to die. That whole year my life was silent.

Trevor impacted my life because he wasn’t only an uncle to me but like a second dad or a second brother. He was a great influence to me and probably many more people he knew. He made me notice that war wasn’t just a game. Since the day Trevor died, I have still not recovered. He definitely made me appreciate things more because once you lose them, it’s always hard to recover.

Trevor’s great heroic qualities reflected onto my life because he was a great role model to my family and I. He was a great man who will never be forgotten. I learned from Trevor to never give up because even if it’s not for you it can usually help another person. I know that with the help of my family I will eventually get over this tragedy but will never forget it.

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