Tom Brady

by Skylar From Billings

Tom Brady quarter back for the New England Patrio (
Tom Brady quarter back for the New England Patrio (

Tom Brady is an inspired hero all around the world. He is inspirational and a great leader to Americans around the globe. Football makes Brady the captain of your imagination.

Tom Brady and his wife gisele bundchen (
Tom Brady and his wife gisele bundchen (

Tom Brady sees things other people do not see. He makes people think after he gets done stunning them with his quarterback skills. He makes a difference by emotionally and physically inspiring people to play football and sports around the world. Number 12 tom brady starts at quarterback every Sunday for the New England Patriots. Brady blows people's minds with the statistics he adapted from football and the real world.

Tom lives in Lincoln, Rhode Island with his wife and one son. Tom brady was drafted by Michigan in the sixth round of 2001. Brady weighs 225 pounds and is six foot four. Patriots have had the 31 year old supernatural for nine superb seasons and counting. He has long brown hair with a so-called beard and is in pretty good shape. Tom Brady was gifted with his three Super Bowl victories and undefeated 16-0 season.

Tom Brady and His good friend Randy Moss  (
Tom Brady and His good friend Randy Moss (

Brady has inspired me to become what I am today and what I do for my sporting career. He makes me feel that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Tom persuades people to start or try competing for the quarterback position. Just the way he competes every Sunday at his quarterback position enlightens people. The Patriots' own Tom Brady teaches teammates, opponents and fans that hard work pays off several ways.

Football and sports in general can make people like tom brady into many different things, especially heroes. Brady can make things come true for you with not only his skills, but his big powerful heart. So all in all, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has the characteristics of what I think make up tremendous heroes in our country.

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