Tom Brady

by Evan from Toronto


The hero that I have chosen for my hero story is Tom Brady. He was born on August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California. As of today, Tom Brady resides in Boston, which is the home of the New England Patriots. Tom Brady is a hero to me because of how good he is at football for one, but also because of how he carries himself on the football field. He really represents a winner with three super bowl titles, XXXVI, XXXVIII and XXXIX. This is something that I really respect about him. Some of the awards he has won are: NFL MVP in 2007, 2010 as well as comeback player of the year in 2009. These are just three awards out of the long list that he has accumulated.

Tom Brady is very important to me because he is someone I idolize as an athlete; he has had so much success in the NFL and even at the age of 34 he is still going strong. He has made a difference in my life by showing me that as you get higher in competitive sports it's not about who has the most talent but who has a bigger heart. Tom Brady is a great example of that with being drafted in the 6th round and the 199th picked, and on his way to being a future hall of famer. I aspire to be like Tom Brady because of how elite he is at his sport and the kind of family man he is with his wife Gisele Bundchen and his two kids.

Tom Brady has been an icon in pro football for 11 years now and every season he has done nothing but impress. In terms of charitable work Brady will host the second annual Best Buddies international event. The organization is a non-profitable one and it provides jobs and future friends for people with intellectual disabilities. In 2009, Tom Brady donated $24,000 to this charity by taking part in a bike challenge that the organization hosted. Another organization that he has helped out is the United Way. He has performed in multiple commercials that put forth the message that you do not have to be a football player to get in shape.

Tom Brady has not only led on the field but off as well. I have been a huge Tom Brady fan since I started watching him in 2003 and he continues to impress me.

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