Tom Brady

by Austin from Philadelphia

''The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.'' - Vince Lombardi
Tom Brady  (Google (Jpeg/Google))
Tom Brady (Google (Jpeg/Google))

Tom Brady was born August 3rd 1997. I chose Tom Brady because he basically said in his actions, "If you keep trying you will achieve." I say this because when Tom Brady was in college everybody said he was one of the worst players out there and he will be nothing and now he is one of the best quarterbacks ever. What he did has inspired me to keep on trying. By doing that, he won three Super Bowls, including his first year. Some of his struggles were in college.  Nobody liked him.  Now he is an idol to many. He is now with the New England Patriots NFL football team.  Some of his accomplishments are: he won three superbowls and was mvp of two of them. 

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