Tom Brady

by Avery from Lake Wales

Tom Brady
Tom Brady Face to Face  (
Tom Brady Face to Face (

Tom Brady is my hero and a huge influence in my football career. Tom makes the game of football more exciting and mind-blowing. Being a quarterback is not an easy job, everyone relies on him to call plays that are best for the team. Tom Brady is a very caring and loving man.

Tom Brady after a touchdown (
Tom Brady after a touchdown (

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady was the youngest of his family. At the age of 11, Tom Brady played catcher in the little league; he also joined in a community football league. There are so many facts on how he grew up with nothing but a loving family and not much money at all. He is and will always be one of the best quarterbacks of all time. I really relate to this in many ways. I am the youngest kid in my family, but that doesn’t hold me back from anything. I realize that not everyone starts from being a horrible player about to give up because of low self esteem.

My sister right now is in the second largest university in America. I really find that amazing because when we were young we made a pact to always be in each others' lives no matter what. I still hold that promise as well as I can. She has multiple classes and not much time to spend with her family, but I understand she’s building a brighter future for herself and hopefully going to live out her dream like Tom Brady. I am really determined to try new things and expanding myself to other sports.

Tom Brady might have a lot of money but that doesn’t mean he stops doing what he likes best, football. In agreement with the manager he signed a four season contract worth 72 million dollars with with a guarantee of at least 42 million. He is one of the 2010-2014 highest paid players in the NFL at the moment. I personally have been following his statistics every game he plays, trying to read up on how I would improve on my skills. Tom Brady also hosts an online training site for novice, advanced, intermediate courses.

Tom has been a role-model and a mentor for multiple people. In almost all his post-game interviews he compliments the opposing team for their effort and teamwork. It obviously shows by the opinions in interviews and people's outlook on this amazing athlete.

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