Terry fox

by William from Bradford

''Even though im not running anymore we still need to find a cure for cancer.''

He did a lot. He ran and raised a lot of money for cancer, he's Terry Fox. We'll talk more about the running and friends he made as well as the foundation he was in and family and school.

Terry's plan (terry fox foundation)
Terry's plan (terry fox foundation)

Terry Fox was born on July 28 1958 in Winnipeg,Manitoba. He lived with his mom, dad, two brothers and a sister and he was a very very smart kid in school. He was on three sports teams. In elementary school he was on a soccer team, in high school he was on a basketball team. When he was out of school he was on a wheelchair basketball team with Rick Hanson. He died on June twenty eighth.

Terry Fox's life changed when he was diagnosed with cancer. He could not do what he wanted to do but he did not think of it as a disadvantage. He said "I bet some of you feel sorry for me well don't". He thought that if he hadn't had cancer he wouldn't have raised the money to help find a cure for cancer, which is not self-centered. Sometimes people are diagnosed with cancer and want people to feel bad for them. Terry did something about his disease, and that changed lives for others.

In total, after Terry died, he raised five hundred million dollars. While he was still alive he raised twenty two million dollars in the marathon of hope that is still going on. Almost every school in Canada is involved in it. This makes so much for cancer research, so we might be closer to saving a lot more lives than we hoped to save.

When Terry Fox finished the run he was so happy. After running 3339 miles he died. He also ran through six provinces and for one hundred and three days. He ran his last miles on September 1. 1980. Terry and his friend Doug were named athletes of the year but Terry played only one minute that season on the court. When Terry Fox reached Newfoundland his chest started hurting but he kept running. Eventually he died! He has made over four hundred million dollars for cancer research and more is still being raised.

Now I hope that this story has made you want to do something for cancer or do more and donate to the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research.

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