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Tony Hawk skateboarding  (	)
Tony Hawk skateboarding ( )

Tony Hawk began skateboarding when he was 9 years old. He became a professional skateboarder at the age of 14. Tony Hawk was born on May 12, 1968 in San Diego. Tony Hawk began skateboarding in 1977. At the age of 11, he had his first sponsor.

His brother showed Tony Hawk how to balance on the board. He practiced so he could get better. His mom and dad told him not to give up.

Tony Hawk invented more than 80 tricks. He also invented a trick that nobody could do called "Ollie." There were nine hundred people that said it was the hardest trick in skateboarding history.

Tony Hawk has a company named BirdHouse Projects. In 2002, Tony Hawk established the Tony Foundation. The Tony Hawk Foundation donates money to poor communities.

Tony Hawk's brother Steve said that, "Tony Hawk is a demon boy." Skateboarding changed that. He wasn't as competitive with other people anymore. Tony was competitive with himself and that's what he liked about skateboarding. Tony Hawk only could let himself down and he wasn't going to do that. That is why he will practice a single trick all day long.

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