Tom Jones

by Sierra from Franklin

My Coach Tom is my hero because he is like the second superman to me. He has superman like characteristics and abilities in his own ways. My Coach Tom even looks like superman; dark brown hair, buff, height, weight, and same deep voice like superman. If I had to give my Coach Tom three traits that superman has it would definitely be super strength, super speed, and high level of intellect. Officially, real people cannot have those traits in real life, but my Coach has those traits in my mind.

My Coach Tom can pick up almost anybody and put them up in the air, even with one hand! That’s why my Coach has super strength just like superman. Coach Tom can even punch holes into the wall too just like superman does when something is in his way that he needs to move. It’s amazing how strong they are. Tom is the strongest man that I know. Coach Tom and Superman have no weakness when it comes to super strengths.

Super speed is how Superman catches his enemies. Super speed is how my coach catches me when I’m at cheerleading and I’m going for my full, when Tom runs in and stops me before I do my double. He also uses his super speed to run and catch someone when they're in a stunt and they mess up on their air-best and they're about to fall and hit the floor, when my coach Tom saves the day and swoops them into his arms and saves them from danger. He saves the day again!

My Coach Tom is highly intelligent. Coach Tom may or may not be exactly the book smart like a teacher or a lawyer, but he sure knows everything about cheerleading it seems. While Superman knows anything and everything. Superman knows everyone around the world, while Coach Tom knows every cheerleader there is to know.

My Coach Tom will always be the first superman that I will always put in the beginning of my life. I know he will always be there for me and come running like lightning to save the day before it goes wrong. I look forward to seeing Coach Tom at every cheerleading practice or competition that we have because when I look at him I see a great man with an invisible cape around his neck with a great big red S on the front of his chest. My Coach Tom is my Superman.

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