Tom Longboat

by Kayla from Innisfil

Tom Longboat loved to run. When he was 15 years old his parents Thomes and Courtney Longboat let him run marathons. Many years before Tom was born his father wanted to do what he felt like, which ended him up in jail. His son Tom Longboat was born on June 4th 1887 in Brantford Ontairo. As he grew up at I.L. Thomas school, he got into a lot of trouble because he wanted to do what he felt like, just like his father.

When his father was in jail, Tom started to do what he felt like, but the only thing that was different about what his dad did and what Tom did is that Tom did it with a responsible attitude and in a more responsible way than his father did. He did what he wanted to do to help free children and help people other than himself and his family.

When Tom Longboat first started he thought marathons where a waste of time. He knew time was life. This affected Tom because in 1901 Tom had a heat stroke.

Tom longboat helped kids that had special needs. When Tom ran he gained money. After every run, whatever money he got he donated to children's hospitals.

Tom's great grandfather was influenced to run after he passed away. He showed 6 different type's of character traits. He showed: courage, respect, responsibility, cooperation, honesty and caring. The most important details about Tom Longboat were he wanted to do what he felt like and reach new levels and participate in lots of new stuff. People believe Tom Longboat is a hero!

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