Tom Osborne

by Caleb from Lincoln, Nebraska

February 23, 1937 was a huge day for the Osborne family because a husker legend was born. It was indeed the old Nebraska coach, Tom Osborne. He had the best coaching record, 255-49-3 which is very good for 25 years of coaching. This is my attempt to explain this spectacular coach's life.

Tom Osborne
Tom Osborne

In Tom's early life when he was born, his given name was Thomas William Osborne. He was born in Hastings, Nebraska, which is where I was born.

Growing up Tom had to prepare to be a football player and then become a coach. One way is he earned his bachelors degree from Hastings College in history. Then he moved on and got his masters degree in educational psychology. Later, he earned his doctorate in his educational psychology again. He then became the receivers' coach for Nebraska, then assistant coach on Bob Devaney's last year. The next year he became Nebraska's full time head coach in 1973.

Tom Osborne made a lot of contributions to Nebraska. One remarkable thing about him is that he coached for 25 years and had a 255-49-3 record. He also won three national championships and many other big bowls. Tom helped us have better academics because he cared about how they did in the classroom as well as athletically. He served in the House of Representatives (Republican) from the third national congress from 2000-2006 but came back to be our athletic director. He was one of only four to waive the three-year wait to be inducted into the hall of fame. I don't know about you but that's a lot of contributions and that is only part of the reason why he's my hero.

There are a lot of reasons why Tom Osborne is my hero. One is he was a big inspiration to me and was born the same place as me. Also just because he is a great leader in academics, which are very important. Another reason is he helped the Huskers be a better team. Those are just some of the fabulous reasons why he's my hero.

To this day Tom serves as Nebraska's athletic director. He has done a very good job as he has lead Bo Pelini and the Huskers to a Gator Bowl win and a 9-4 season. Tom keeps on contributing to Nebraska and has made a big impact. This has been my attempt to explain this magnificent coach's life.

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