by Mitchell from Fresno

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole" - Roger Caras

Cancer affects everyone. It has affected me personally by taking my uncle and grandfather from this world. Cancer has also affected my dog Tacoma.

Tacoma is a 3 1/2 year old Smooth Collie. In a sense, he is like Lassie, but without all the hair. He has blue merle coloring, and he has one blue and one brown eye. When he was little, we were taping his ears down so that they would grow folded over but we felt that it was too much of a hassle, so we decided to stop. So now he has one folded over [tipped] ear and one that is not.

I know you can't see it from the pictures, but at present date, he is a tripod. [He only has three legs.] We had to have his left front leg amputated because he had a tumor. Unfortunately, we did not treat the cancer soon enough, because we did not recognize it for what is was. So, ultimately, Tacoma will die from cancer.

However, this does not stop him in the least bit from being the goober [goof ball] I love him as. He is still very energetic and carefree. He reminds me that even though life is giving you the short end of the stick, you can still have fun. And for that, he is my hero.

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