Takoda Walker

by Alysha from Colorado

Takoda Walker (my camera)
Takoda Walker (my camera)

My hero is my dog Takoda Walker. We call him Koda for short. Koda is my hero because he is always there to cheer me up when I am sad. He doesn’t have any front teeth and that is probably what makes him so adorable. Also he has one blue eye and a brown eye and has a black eye liner that looks like make-up. He is the most adorable dog that I have seen.

I have had Koda for about four and a half years. I adopted him when I was only eight. It is so funny when he wants you to pet him he rubs up against everything and when nothing is there he falls on the floor. It is hilarious! He is also the fastest dog in the world when he is happy. But otherwise he is a slow poke. Most of the time he is a happy dog and you can tell because he always has a smile on his face.

He is an Australian mix. He is blonde, white, black, and a little bit of brown on his ears. He kind of looks like a Japanese dog. He doesn’t have very level ears and when he walks his left ears wobbles. If I feel lonely or sad or even mad he always cheers me up or relieves my sadness. That is mostly why he is my Hero.

Koda is also my best friend. He is always available when I need his attention. That may also be because I always make a fool out of him but I don’t think he really minds as long as no one sees him. Koda likes to go on road trips and long walks in the park. Most of all he likes to eat as much he can possibly eat. He isn’t fat yet, but he is getting there.

He likes to run away but after a while he comes back home and we give him a whole bunch of attention and tell him to never do that again. He has only run away once for more than twenty-four hours and he ran all the way to the country in Yuma, CO. We would always pray before bed time so we could get him back. He is really the only thing I have. So all in all these are only a few out of probably a million reasons why my best friend and hero is my dog Takoda (Koda).

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