by Akeila from Milwaukee

                My hero is Tarzan; the man raised by apes. When Tarzan was a baby, he lost his parents. When they died, they were living in a tree house. Tarzan had no way of surviving on his own, he couldn't even walk yet. One day, an ape took him with her. The ape and her family raised Tarzan. Everything he knew was ape. The ape that took Tarzan in was who he called mother. Tarzan's ape father never fully accepted Tarzan because he was different; they were apes, and he was human. Tarzan was unaware that other humans existed until the day he met Jane. He was astonished when he found out that there were others that looked like him. As he connected more and more with Jane, he hadn't realized that her colleague was attempting to capture all of the apes. When Tarzan noticed, he fought an intense battle to protect his family. During that battle, he lost his father, who, while on his deathbed, had finally accepted Tarzan.

                Tarzan has inspired me because he was different and even with his difference being pointed out, he still fought for what he loved. He has impacted my life because I've learned that being different isn't bad and it doesn't mean that you won't be accepted. He is my role model and someone I look up to. He has also taught me to fight for what I love and believe in. He's taught me that I do have a voice and it does matter. I can make a difference.

                Tarzan is recognized as a childhood hero. His story is a classic tale that is told to children. I think that Tarzan should be recognized as a hero to everyone; children and adults. This story should live past childhood. It's motivational and delivers a life-long message. Only not knowing of it during childhood will lead to its extinction. A story like this should not be forgotten; it should be recognized and told forever.

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