by Zoe From New Glarus

My Hero

A hero to me is someone who’s brave enough to help someone else, cares about others, and has a lot of courage to stand up to someone. My hero is one of my friends Taylor. Her help has meant a lot to me, that is why she is my hero. Taylor is in eighth grade and not only is she my hero, but she’s also my friend. Taylor is my hero because she cares about others, she uses her courage to stand up for others, and uses her bravery to stand up for what she believes.

When I lived in Colorado, my best friend Taylor used to help me out a lot. She also helped out other classmates that had problems with bullies or homework. Whenever someone didn’t have anywhere, or anyone to sit with, she told them to sit with us.

Taylor has a huge amount of bravery. If someone is getting bullied, she stands up against the person no matter what. No matter if it's one of her enemies getting bullied. If Taylor believes in something, she doesn’t care what others think. If she believes in something, she can make it happen. Taylor stands up for things that most people don’t care about.

Not only does she have a lot of bravery, but she also has a lot of courage. She stands up for her friends and others. Taylor isn’t mean to her brothers like other people are. One of her brothers’ names is Joshua. We call him Josh. When her brothers need help with homework, she helps. Taylor usually babysits after school, so when I go over there, we make sure that Josh gets his homework done. Her other brother was usually in daycare. She put her brothers first before herself, when others put themselves first before their siblings.


Taylor is a great person, a good friend, and a great hero. She makes sure everyone has a good school year, and not a horrible one. Taylor is my hero because she cares about others, she’s brave, and she has a lot of courage.

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