by Brittany from Monroe

Heroes are people who are helpful, no matter what the circumstances are. To me a hero is brave and compassionate. And a hero does extraordinary things. That's why they're important. To me a teacher is a hero.

A teacher must have the courage to get up in front of 30 kids each day. They have to be compassionate about their jobs. Because someone who dislikes kids would never tolerate it. To me a teacher is a hero because they give up their time, and except little pay just to educate people. There's teachers all around the country who do the same thing.

Teachers also must be brave because they break up fights and arguments too. There's no way I could stand up in front of people like that. And they have to deal with bad kids. Honestly I'd have to smack someone who spoke to me like that.

So I pick teachers as my heroes because they do heroic things everyday. Without heroes the whole world would be bad. Without teachers the whole world would be helpless. Teachers contribute a lot to the world. So I pick them as my heroes.

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