Teens for Jeans

by Brooke from Monroe

Teens for jeans  (google )
Teens for jeans (google )

My hero is someone that everyone is familiar with. My hero is Aeropostale. Yes I know what you’re thinking - why you would pick Aeropostale? What you may not know about Aeropostale is they are helping teens, they are collecting used jeans. How does that help? It helps homeless teens because they are donating used jeans to teens. I know you may think it’s not a big deal but it is because not all people help others in need.

People all over the world have been suffering from lack of clothes and shelter. But thanks to Aeropostale there is someone to help. Aeropostale has been donating jeans to homeless kids. They have raised 624,893 pairs of jeans. Yes a lot of them are used but that’s because people around the world are helping too. All they had to do was drop off their used jeans that are still usable at any Aeropostale store.

This amazing thing has gone on since January 2010. This is a great thing they have been doing. They just bring in any size, any brand that is gently worn. These jeans have been taken to kids and teens that need them in the U.S. and Haiti. These people and Aeropostale is my hero because they are helping those in need. Not many people help those in need. Also they are giving out rewards to people that help, they are rewarding pizza parties, money and a 25 percent off any jeans purchased. On top of that not only people around the world are helping but celebrities are too, the celebrities are signing the jeans that are being given. These people are what you call heroes. They are the ones who are making a difference in teen’s lives.

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