Teresa F. W.

by C from Iowa


My heroes are my parents. My dad is a firefighter and my mom is an EMT.

One time I got in an accident. My mom was taking her EMT test. My dad had to drive the ambulance out. My dad noticed my shirt right away. I was sitting on another firefighter's lap. My dad is good friends with the guy whose lap I was sittingin.

One of the cop told my dad to go to the passenger side, that a kid had got hit in the face with an air bag. My dad went over there and saw it was my brother. My brother had to go to the hospital for a while. When he got home he was blind in his right eye for a week.

He had to wear glasses before the accident. After the accident when he got hit in the eye with the airbag. My mom took him to the eye doctor. They said he does not need glasses anymore.

My mom helps a lot of people out. My mom has been an EMT for about 7 years. She is full time now. I think she has the easiest job in the world. Just until the pager goes off anyways. Well that is all I have to talk about.

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