Terry Fox

by Blair & Josh from Quebec

"Even if I don't finish, we need others to continue. It's got to keep going without me."
<a href=>Terry Fox with the map of his journey </a>
Terry Fox with the map of his journey

Terry Fox is our hero because he did not care about publicity. In fact, he even made it very clear that he would be just as happy in the end if there was absolutely no publicity. Terry Fox was a courageous, determined, persistent, and very good person and a hero to all. Terry Fox brought courage to a nation and proved that a single man can make a big difference. If the knowledge that is known about Cancer today was known about then, he might still be alive today.

<a href=>Terry Fox Had Many Supporters </a>
Terry Fox Had Many Supporters

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and raised in Port Coquitlam, BC, Terry Fox was anything but lazy. He was a very active and athletic teenager and he was only 18 when he was tragically diagnosed with Cancer (Osteogenic sarcoma, also known as bone cancer). Terry Fox's leg was amputated 15 centimetres above the knee in 1977.

Terry Fox was, and still is, many people's hero because of the change he brought to the world and because of the difference he made. He saw the suffering the Cancer patients suffered and he wasn't going to let it go on without trying to reduce or abolish it. For this, a nation was transformed and saw the world differently. For this, a nation admired a man with a heart bigger than any other. For this, Terry Fox was surrounded by supporters no matter where he went, what he did and when it was. We should all be thankful that this man lived, and we should all thank this man for his graceful actions. Terry Fox is a hero to all and his legacy will live on forever.

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