Thomas Alva Edison

by Eric from Arcadia

Thomas Alva Edison is an important man and a hero to all of us. He explored how things work. When he grew up he invented things that are important to us, and his inventions affect us in how we live today.

A lot of us know a lot about Thomas Alva Edison. I’d like to share more information about the man who made our world shine. Thomas made light for the whole world and us. He was born in Milan, Ohio in 1847 and died in 1931. When he was a boy, he wondered how things worked. That’s how he became an inventor.

Thomas invented the most known thing to people, the light bulb. He invented the bulb in 1880. Another invention I want to tell you about is the carbon telephone transmitter. It was invented in 1885 for the Bell Telephone Company. Last, I want to tell you he invented the electric lamp in 1879.

Now I’m going to tell you what the inventions, that Thomas Edison made, do. The light bulb let us live better without bad candles. Candles aren’t very good and the candle doesn’t light up your whole house that well. The carbon telephone transmitter helps us communicate from place to place. And of course the electric lamp also makes our houses shine. Not only does the lamp help us light our houses, it helps us read books at night.

In summary, Thomas Alva Edison is a hero because his inventions are important and it affects how we live today. I couldn’t imagine how we could live without Thomas Edison.

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