Mother Theresa of Calcutta

by Melissa from Tampico

Consider, decide, do

Mother Teresa was born Agnes Bojaxhiu in Skopje. She always fought against poverty and discrimination. I admire her a lot. Mother Teresa helped alcoholics, homeless and many other needy people. She provided peace in many parts of the world, but mainly in Calcutta. She had an order that soon became 450 orders around the world.

Mother Teresa is my hero because every single thing she did wasn’t for her; it was for those who needed some support. She loved, and she cared for those people nobody wanted to see. Mother Teresa showed me, that we can make a person become better, that everybody can make a difference in the world only with love. Even without being a wealthy woman she did all this and more. This shows us that all we need are values. What wouldn’t I give to be like her?

Mother Teresa received many awards for her actions like the Nobel Prize for Peace. She even did her own order so that more people could help others. I think that all these accomplishments were because she believed in a better world, in a better life for others that didn’t have it. Everything she saw, she saw it as a gift of hope and that’s what we all should do. She changed the future of the discriminated people by fighting day after day for them, trying to end the racism and her tireless efforts to provide peace.

I choose Mother Teresa as my hero because I really want to be like her, to know how to forgive, to know how to leave the selfishness and learn how to share what I have. She used everything she had, including money to help the world’s needy. Mother Teresa is unique and she is my HERO! I wish there were more people like her. I’ve learned a lot from her.

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