Therese Koutnik

by Sarah from Brookfield, Wisconsin

Therese Koutnik
Therese Koutnik

What is a hero? I guess you don't really understand the true meaning until you actually meet someone who you know has heroic qualities. Therese Koutnik should definitely be considered a hero because she tries hard at everything she does, she never stops trying to improve herself, and she's a role model for everyone.

In high school, Therese was a straight A student. Her only A- ever was in an art class. Everything she does isn't done until it's absolutely perfect. She works hard on everything and is as organized as a library. Her hard work and good grades are what got her into college. Therese attended Platteville. There she studied to become an engineer; she was also on the dance team. She graduated and went on to become a civil engineer at HNTB Corporation. Some might call her a perfectionist, but all of her hard work definitely paid off.

Therese has become a successful civil engineer. She has done all of this and yet continues to set goals for herself. She is one of the only women working in that field at her company. After working there for a while, they noticed how talented she is and how much leadership she shows. They asked her to go to Louisiana and work on repairing the levees that were ruined by Hurricane Katrina. She knew that it would be a lot of work but she accepted. She is the leader of a small group. Part of being a hero is giving back to your community, which Therese has definitely done. While she has already achieved a lot, there is still more she would like to do. She is in school right now working to get her PhD. Therese will be the best that she can be no matter what.

<a href=>Levees before and after Hurricane Katrina</a>
Levees before and after Hurricane Katrina

So, why should you be considered a hero for just being successful? Therese is not only successful, she is also a role model. Even though she is my sister, I have always looked up to her for giving me inspiration to do my best. Therese can also be a role model for anyone, especially girls who would like to be in the engineering field. Therese is not only amazing at her job, she is also very family oriented. She has a wonderful husband and a great dog. Therese is an inspiration for anyone who wants to make the most of their life.

What is a hero? After I realized Therese was a hero, I came up with a definition for the word hero. Therese Koutnik should definitely be considered a hero because she tries hard at everything she does, she never stops trying to improve herself, and she's a role model for everyone. All of Therese's qualities are qualities of a hero. A hero is a role model who has done great things and is an inspiration to everyone.

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