Thomas A. Edison

by Katherine from Mayfield Heights

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Thomas Edison

Samuel Johnson once said, ‘Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance’. Perseverance means that you keep going on no matter how hard or long it is, and that’s exactly was Thomas Edison did. He was a great inventor, and it took him many tries and experiments to create all of his inventions. He never gave up because in the end they all worked out either right then, or years later. He never gave up even when it seemed hopeless. It also took strength to build all of his inventions, but perseverance is what got us the inventions that we have today. If he gave up and didn’t try any more, no one would be inspired by him and he wouldn’t have become famous. Without Thomas, the technology would be as advanced as it is now.

Thomas Edison was a great inventor who lived a long life. He was born on February 11, 1847 and he was the youngest of six children. Thomas was a very courageous and nosy person because he got into everything and would listen in to what everyone said. Thomas loved inventing ever since he was a little boy. Even though he was almost deaf since childhood, he was still a very smart boy who was home schooled from a young age sometimes by his parents and sometimes by a paid teacher or tutor.

Believe it or not, Thomas starting inventing and taking his job seriously all because of a prank that his friends pulled on him. It took him years to find someone that would hire him because he got fired for how cocky he was about his inventions and the profit he thought it would make. Even after he found the right job, he was still very risky about selling inventions. He would borrow money to make the inventions and then sometimes they would not sell so he would lose everything, and have to start over again and again since that happened so often.

As Thomas was growing up, he thought of ideas that would help advance technology. The electric light bulb is what was the most helpful some say, while others say the battery powered telephone. He also invented the electric telegraph, the multiplex system, electromagnets, lamp, moving pictures, a talking toy, voice recorder, and the gas light. Thomas Alva Edison died on October 18, 1931 at age 84 due to old age and stress of his inventions and hard work throughout his life.

A true hero has perseverance and will never give up even when it seems hopeless. They will put forth their time and they will make sacrifices just to do what they love the most. An inventor, like Thomas Edison, has all these characteristics. After Thomas invented and created something amazing, he didn’t get cocky or brag to everyone he just kept on inventing. That’s what a true hero does, everyday of their lives.

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