by Aidan from Richmond

Thomas was a hero to me because he saved my life. No, Thomas was not someone you would see in a cafe, and ask him for an autograph, or something like that. Thomas was a dog. My dog. Thomas saved me when I was a toddler, about 4 or 5 years old. My family had taken the weekend to go to the beach, and we decided to bring Thomas with us. To this day it still still haunts me about what would have happened if we hadn't.

We had went to the beach in the evening, and we brought Thomas with us, again. We decided it wasn't a family without Thomas. My parents had walked away for about 5 seconds, and I had already walked into the water. My parents hadn't taught me how to swim yet, so I still needed floats. But, I wasn't wearing them. I started to drown, and before my parents could run after me, Thomas ran into the water and pulled me out by my shirt collar, saving my life.

My parents and I treated Thomas like a king for the rest of his life. We fed him fresh meat, table scraps, and we gave him all the attention he could ever want. As the years passed, Thomas started to wind down, not wanting to do anything but eat and sleep. I knew that Thomas wouldn't be with us much longer, and I was right.

Thomas died on July 5, 2007, age 13 years. I will never forget Thomas, and how he saved my life.

Thomas (Google images)
Thomas (Google images)

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