by Suzanne from Pinehurst

My hero is talented.
My hero will cheer someone up.
My hero is furry, has wiskers and a tail.
Can you guess who my hero is?
My cat "Tiny"!

My cat is my hero because she cheers me up when I am feeling gloomy. Once I heard about a talent show. I dreamed about it every night. I could almost see myself singing on stage. Then one day I found a pamphlet that said, "The talent show is only for 4th and 5th graders." I cried almost all day. Soon my cat, Tiny, found me crying and came over and purred. I felt much better.

My cat is also very skillful. Once I felt very sick. My stomach ached like a knife going through it. I had to sit in bed all afternoon. About two-o-clock, my cat "Tiny" walked in. She saw that I was ill so she quickly did a little flip. I felt much better.

I love tiny and she loves me!

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