by Roscoe from Champlin

I have known Toby all my life and he was a loving caring dog that always was able to cheer you up. He would never bite or growl at me even the first time I came home as a baby he loved me and I loved him all the way through the ten years we lived together. He was a black lab and my dad got him from a friend. Every time he visited his friend he played with Toby who was always in the backyard and when dad played with him Toby couldn't have been happier.

When I played with Toby he was always gentle when play biting to make sure I wasn't hurt. He was that caring to everyone, even other dogs. He was big and looked scary but he was a loving gentle giant but no one lives forever so he passed away in 2007 and everyone who knew him was devastated, including me. I will miss Toby forever and never forget the dog who changed my life with love.

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