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Tom Lamer

by Margaret from Newport Beach

Anyone could do anything
Mr. Lamer's different shape and sizes from <a href=>Picasso's Three Musicians</a>
Mr. Lamer's different shape and sizes from Picasso's Three Musicians

One of my heroes is my art teacher, Mr. Lamer. Mr. Lamer was my first teacher that I met at Back Bay High School when I first came here. I started going to Back Bay High School in Sep 2006 and it was my first time changing school with not knowing anyone when I started. My first class was art. I walked in and Mr. Lamer was sitting there. I went up to him and told him that I was new and what should I do. Mr. Lamer asked me some questions, like did i want to graduate and do I know how many credits I have. Right when I started to talk to him he was so nice and he was putting me on the right trait for success.

Mr. Lamer showed me a way to express myself in all different ways and how to be myself and that it was ok. In art at my old school it was always how good are you at art and if you're not good you are just not good at art - but art is not just about how you draw, it is about how you can come up with all different types of things and put them together and make something out of those things.

Mr. Lamer is one of my heroes because I look up to him because of the way he thinks and the way he acts. He is never down, he cares about everything and everyone and won't let anyone start to drop in his class. He always has this powerful happiness about him and he always just keeps move on with anything and never stops.

For one of are field trips Mr. Lamer took me and a few other students to the art museum to see some of the best art. I had never been to an art museum but wanted to so bad. When we got there it was so big and pretty and so much to see, I didn’t known where to start. We walked around, saw everything we could see, then took off back to school but we all got free cards to go back on our own time. When I went back it was so much fun. I got to sit there and just look at what other people think about when they're drawing and about what different things I could use. The biggest thing I have learned from Mr. Lamer was that to never waste or never think that you can't use something because all your scraps are not scraps, they're pieces of art.

I still go to Back Bay High School and now the school is my home.

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