Tone Pavcek

by Saša from Trbovlje

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Tone Pavček

Our hero is Tone Pavček. He is a poet and ambassador of Slovenian UNICEF.

He is writing poems for adults and mostly for children. The most famous poem is Juri Muri v Afriki. He also helps childrer all around the world and gives them hope in their lives.

Somebody asked him if he is ready to become an ambassador of children, and he answered them: "Don`t persuade the persuaded ones." He doesn't have a lot of free time but he is always there for poor children.

He visited schools and he encourages children on their way to education. He can be a great role model for all of us and we can look up to him.

He also wrote a song dedicated to poor children.

He is a great poet and very successful in his work. He is also very good in charities. We can all look up to him.

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