Trapper Phillips

by Morgan from Missouri


My hero is my uncle, and he is my mom's brother. His name is Gaylen, but we call him Trapper. He is my hero because four years ago he had cancer. He fought it and he got rid of it.

Here four years later he has cancer again. He is fighting it and still living like he doesn't have cancer. Every now and then he has some days where he doesn't feel good, but most of the time he is up and going. We'll go down to the lake and we do karaoke and just hang out with each other and talk. I don't know what I would do with out my uncle Trapper; I love him so much.

When we go to the lake he will take us on his Sea-Doo. Also he and my dad, and the other guys will play horseshoes at my lot when we're at the lake. Usually we will have the golf cart but it's broken down right now. My uncle Trapper means so much to me, and he knows how to have fun.

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