Trent Schulze

by Krystal from Missouri

My whole family with the Easter Bunny (my mom took it!)
My whole family with the Easter Bunny (my mom took it!)

My hero is my dad. He is my hero because he is always there for me. I know that he is there for me because when I was in 2nd grade my mom moved to Texas with her boyfriend when my sisters and I were at school. When we got home from school nobody was there at my house, so we thought. So we walked in the kitchen and my dad was right there cooking dinner. My dad has taught me everything that I know so far. He had taught me how to play softball, basketball, and volleyball. My dad is a single parent with three girls. At times he just wants to give up but he never does. Don’t you think that it is hard trying to raise three girls by yourself?

Well, I know probably the only person that can take care of three girls and raise them is my dad Trent Schulze. My hero is not a firefighter, police officer or doctor. He is just my dad, the best dad in the whole world. My dad is the only person who takes care of me. He gives me food to eat so I don't starve. He also gives me a place to live.

My dad is always there for me whenever I need someone to talk to about my problems and he helps me answer them. He is always there for me in times when I don't understand things, or just want to give up on all of the hard work I have done. Everybody else has heroes like Michael Jordan, Taylor Swift, but my hero is my dad. Every night before I go to bed I tell him that he is my hero and he says to me that I am his dream.

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