by Sophie from Georgia

Even though my mom and I get into fights all the time, she will always be my hero. We are very close to each other. My mom was born in Savannah, G.A. and has lived here most of her life. She has two children. Me, Sophie, and Dylan my older brother. My mom is just like an older sister to me.

My mom is my hero for so many reasons. One reason is that she is always there for me when I am having friend or school problems. Also, I can trust my mom all the time because she has been so trustworthy to her friends. Another reason is that she cares and feeds me twenty - four seven. My mom always helps me study when she could be doing her own things. My mom also takes me everywhere I need to go (usually on time). My mom is the best hero I could ever have.

My hero has some similarities and differences from the ancient Greek heroes. A similarity is that she has a lot of confidence in herself, just like the Greeks. Also, she is responsible because she does everything important before anything else. There are also some differences too. One difference is that she is always loyal to her friends and family, unlike the ancient Greeks. She has much honesty in herself because she hates to lie to people. My mom will be my hero forever and ever no matter what.

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