Trina & Wade

by Chloe from Everson

My life hasn't always been an easy one, but it sure has been a blessed one. My parents are constantly working to make sure they can afford things for my siblings and I like sports and clothes; things that so many children forget to be thankful for because we assume it is supposed to come freely. My parents have taught me a lot in my 18 years of life and for that I could never thank them enough.

We never realize how fast our lives really come to an end. That is why I strongly encourage everyone to love with all of their hearts and get everything out of every situation we encounter; good and bad. My dad shares with me all the time that you can't ever really be successful until you know what it is like to fail, which is so true. Don't take life for granted. I have learned to be grateful and to cherish every moment. I love my parents so much and that is why they are my heroes.

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