Harriet Tubman

by Shovon from Sycamore Junior High

There are many different kinds of heroes. A hero to me is someone who believes that anything is possible and they never give up. A hero is also someone who makes a change in many lives. A hero is a role model; they make people feel good about themselves, that’s what a hero is to me.

My hero is Harriet Tubman, well known as “Moses.” Tubman was born into slavery in Bucktown, Maryland. She moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1849 and there she found freedom. She also led slaves to Free states, or to Canada. Her first expedition took place in 1851, when she managed to thread her way through the backwoods to Baltimore and return to the North with her sister and her sister's children. In 1857, Tubman led her parents to Auburn, New York.

In Loving Memory of Harriet Tubman (internet)
In Loving Memory of Harriet Tubman (internet)

As a result, she led 756 slaves in all. She died on March 10, 1913, at the approximate age of 93. She was brilliant, shrewd, deeply religious, and passionate in her pursuit of freedom. She was also a woman who loved, fought, suffered and sacrificed. She believed that she could do impossible things.

In my opinion, Harriet Tubman is an example of a hero within. The way she fits T.A.'s description of a hero within is that she had to build up her courage, after so many years, to take the risk of helping lead slaves freedom. She was also so strong and didn’t let anything get in the way of her freedom. She wanted her freedom even if she was going to die trying to get it. She kept her head up and didn’t let anything or anyone put her down.

In conclusion, Harriet Tubman is the type of hero who has changed many lives. She is an inspiration to many African Americans in so many ways. She did the impossible by leading slaves to freedom without getting caught. She is a role model to others and makes them feel good about themselves.

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