Shania Twain

by Catherine from Columbia

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Shania Twain is my hero. She has persevered through difficult times and beaten all the odds, ultimately succeeding in her dream, and yet never forgetting to help others along the way.

Shania was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, on August 28, 1965. She grew up in the mining town of Timmins. When she was only a toddler, she watched her father abandon her and her family.

Before her music career began, she planted trees with her stepfather as part of a forest crew. Since her family was poor, they were forced to make great sacrifices to support her early career. But when she was 22, her mother and stepfather were killed in an accident. She became the legal guardian of her two half brothers and half sister. This put her musical dreams on hold for a while so she could take care of them.

Shania’s musical career began with her job at the Canadian Deerhurst Resort in Northern Ontario. She was the lead performer in a variety of musical spectaculars at the resort. Five years later, she moved to Nashville. She then recorded a song, but nobody seemed interested. Fortunately, Robert John “Mutt” Lange heard the potential in her voice and contacted her. Later that year (1993), they met in Nashville, fell in love, and got married in December 1993. That was only nine months after the first call. With him, she succeeded in producing top hits and selling 11 million copies of her CD, “The Woman in Me.” Soon, Shania became very successful.

Shania has become very famous over the past few years. In February 2004, she was inducted into Germany's “Walk of Fame” at Olympia Park in Munich. On April 3rd, 2004, she won the JUNO Award for “Country Music Recording of the Year.” On April 21, 2004, she won the CMT Flameworthy “Female Video of the Year Award.” This was for her video of “Forever and Always.” She has received awards around the world for her beautiful singing and personality. Shania was the first person ever to have three consecutive “diamond” (10-times platinum) certified albums.

Shania is a huge supporter of Harvest Hope Food Bank. On Wednesday, April 28, she allowed 12 drummers to perform with her from the Lexington High School Band. They had won the opportunity by collecting a total of 6,475 pounds of food in a competition sponsored by WCOS- FM for Lexington and Richland area schools. Students at Lexington High School, Airport High School, and White Knoll High School participated in the drive and collectively raised 10,100 pounds of food. That is enough to feed 254 people for four to five days. “It’s fantastic to get local high schools involved in helping the community, and wonderful that Shania Twain offers them the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to share their musical talent on stage with her. We were thrilled to be a part of it,” said Denise Holland, Executive Director of Harvest Hope Food Bank. Shania is a long time supporter of America’s Second Harvest and its associates like Harvest Hope.

Shania is very special to me. She shows me to be kind and generous to everyone. I think it's great that she takes the time to support those less fortunate than her. At her concerts, she allows many people to come up and sing with her. One time, she allowed the person who donated the most money to Harvest Hope to come up and have a picture with her. She has come very far as a performer. She, to me, has overcome many obstacles and continues to help others. Shania Twain is my hero.

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