Umra Omar

by Alyssa from Cincinnati

Umra Omar (CNN (CNN))
Umra Omar (CNN (CNN))

Have you ever dreamed of being a doctor? What about being a doctor in Kenya? Well that's exactly what Umra Omar does. She decided to give up her comfortable life in the U.S.A. to help people. Though sometimes people have made it hard for her to help them. She brings medical attention to people who need it. And lastly she has steadfast and quiet bravery.

Umra Omar gave up her comfortable life to help people. Umra Omar was born in Kenya. She moved to the U.S.A. and worked in a cubical in Washington D.C. But she decided that life was getting too comfortable so she went back to Kenya to work there. Kenya is also targeted by a terrorist group. "People are being warned to stay away because of threats by Islamist terror group the Al-Shabaab"-CNN.

Sometimes people make it hard for her to help them. Umra Omar finds it hard being a lady. "There's a lot of caution, why are you going there, you're not supposed to, and a woman running around pushing this project, they say, why do that, why not stay home and get taken care of"-CNN. The teachers ran away because of an attack happening across the border. That has to put even more stress on people there.

Umra Omar brings medical attention to people who need it. She brings medical attention to lots of villages. Sadly there are about six villages with no medical care besides the care from Umra Omar and her group of doctors. "We have about six villages that have about zero access to heath care"-Umra Omar (CNN). And even after all of that she is still helping people today.

Winning an award  (gettyimages (gettyimages))
Winning an award (gettyimages (gettyimages))

Umra Omar has steadfast and quiet bravery. She works in terrorist targeted areas. I think you have to be pretty brave to do that willingly. She spends her money, the group's money, and money she gets from fundraisers, to pay for the supplies their team needs. She also just makes people feel good in general. I mean, can you even imagine if you didn't have any health care and then somebody shows up who helps people and cares about you? Wouldn't that feel good? It would to me. I think she is a hero because she is going out of her way to help people in need to live a better and healthier life.

"Try to be the rainbow in someone's cloud," this is by Maya Angelou (from Brainy Quotes). I think that Umra Omar is a living example of that. She helps people because she wants to, not because she has to. She helped bring reality to me that there are people that are not as fortunate as me, that I should be grateful for what I have, and there are people out there that could use a helping hand.

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