Umra Omar

by Linda and Lizzy from Cincinnati

Umra Omar moved back to Kenya, her birthplace. ( (Unknown))
Umra Omar moved back to Kenya, her birthplace. ( (Unknown))
Umra Omar is a hero for her selfless acts, and her bravery. Umra is very selfless, as she gives others health care for no cost. She is brave because Lamu, Kenya is subject to many terrorist attacks. Born on the archipelago known as Lamu, Umra was brought up with good morals. She moved to America to go to college, and eventually worked full time there. However, she was called back to Lamu to help her people. She gave up her safe life and traded it for living in a dangerous area plagued with terrorists.
Umra offers free healthcare to the people in Lamu. Once a month, she sets sail with a team of volunteers with a goal of visiting ten villages. Kindness is what Umra is, she is a hero because she is selfless. Umra is very helpful, since she puts others before herself; like she carries medicine to the people who are sick in Kenya. Even though she is eight months pregnant, she keeps on going to Kenya, and helping the sick people. When she travels there, it is a very dangerous job. Terrorist threats and attacks make the area hard to survive in.
Umra on her way to villages in need of heathcare ( (Safari Doctors))
Umra on her way to villages in need of heathcare ( (Safari Doctors))
Bravery, another trait of a hero, is one that Umra also has. She was willing to let go of her life, one that was successful and safe. She went to Lamu, not knowing what would happen while she was in the area, the one that was like a war zone. She was very brave, as she decided that helping others was more important than having a safe life. She risks her life daily, just so that others don't have to.
Umra Omar is eight months pregnant. ( (Neil Thomas for CNN))
Umra Omar is eight months pregnant. ( (Neil Thomas for CNN))
A hero is someone who puts others first, and is brave. They are willing to give up their safety and comfort so that others can have a better life. Umra shows all of those traits daily. From giving up her old life to help others, to moving to a dangerous area. Umra is a hero because she puts others before herself to help those who are sick in Kenya. She is a great inspiration to those wanting to help.
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