Victor Kulikov

by Valeriya from Bui

Victor Kulikov ( (
Victor Kulikov ( (

My native town Bui is rich in local celebrities. Victor Kulikov is one of them. He is a Russian poet. He wrote heroic and lyrical poetry. I enjoy it. That's why I often participate in school and town reciting contests. This year in March I've given recitations  from Victor Kulikov. It was his  poem "The Feat". It's about Ivan Susanin, a  Russian hero. I made a presentation about him, learned the poem very well and recited it with my feelings of pride and sympathy. The jury gave me a prize. It was a great surprise for me. The poem helped me become a prize winner in the town contest! Now Victor Kulikov is my hero. I decided to find out more about Victor Kulikov's life and his poems.

Youth and Tragedy

 Victor was born on August 24, 1919. His birth place was Spass - Khripeli, a small village in Susanin District in Kostroma Region. When he was only six, Victor's family moved to Bui. Soon the boy became a student of school No.1. Once he started to write poems. But the young boy was shy. And he didn't show anybody his poems. His school years passed quickly. In 1937 Victor became a student at a military engineering school in Moscow. In February 1941 the winter was very cold and Victor got frostbitten. Unfortunately, at the age of 21 Victor Kulikov became disabled. After the hospital he had to come back to Bui again. It was very difficult for him to survive. But the young man wanted to live, and his strong will won. His first poetic book had the title "The Strength of Life".

Creating a new poem in 1983 (T. V. Olkhovik Local Lore Museum.Town Bui )
Creating a new poem in 1983 (T. V. Olkhovik Local Lore Museum.Town Bui )

A Person of Gift

 In 1945 he started to work. One of his jobs was a graphic designer in the town cinema "Ray". At that time Victor wrote a lot of poems and some stories. They were about his feelings for his Motherland, hometown, forests, seasons, flowers, birds and rivers. Victor's lyrics have very simple headings: "Strict Autumn', "April", "Starling", "Rye",  "Thank You", "Optimist", "Memory", "Town Bui". His rhymes are beautiful and melodic.

V. Kulikov's  colleagues in Kostroma. 1977. (T. V. Olkhovik Local Lore Museum. Town Bui)
V. Kulikov's colleagues in Kostroma. 1977. (T. V. Olkhovik Local Lore Museum. Town Bui)

Victor Ivanovich Kulikov was enthusiastic and friendly, communicative and wise. The poet gave talks how to understand poetry to schoolchildren and adults at schools and libraries. He organized a literary club for young poets in Bui. The person was kind and ready to help other people. In 1996 he passed away.

If you come to our town Bui one day, visit our local museum and district library to see my hero's collections of books and awards.

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Special Thanks for the info and photos to Elena Slepchyuk, a senior research associate of T.V. Olkhovik Local Lore Museum, Town Bui
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