Virgin Mary

by Angelina from St. Albert

Virgin Mary (Drew it)
Virgin Mary (Drew it)

I love Mary so much. She is a wonderful person. She had a CHILD SENT FROM GOD! Not just a normal person probably wouldn’t just have gotten asked to have a child that would be a saver! I would love to be like Mary one day and maybe I will be!

Christian people pray to Mary because the bible says that God blessed Mary with the Holy Spirit to be the mother of Jesus. Because Mary was a virgin, Jesus' birth was unique. In 413 C.E. the Council of Ephesus made Mary the “Mother of God”! Now today people are taught to pray to Mary.

Virgin Mary was born August 5th, 30 B.C. She was born in Nazareth. Her mother’s name was Ann/Anna and her Father’s name was Joachim. She married a man named Joseph and God asked her to have a baby named Jesus. Mary was a member of a Tribe to Judah and the descendant of the House of David. She believed in God all the time and cared and loved him very much.

Mary is my Hero because she helps me through the good and the bad in life. Like when I have a bad dream and can’t stop thinking about it then I pray to Jesus and Her. She helps me to know that I’m safe in God’s hands. She helps me get through lots of things, that is why Mary is my HERO!

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