Teachers Heroes

Victoria Soto

by Kevin from Dearborn Heights

My role model is Victoria Soto. She is brave and tough. In these paragraphs i will explain to you why she is a brave and tough teacher. Most importantly i will explain to you why she is my role model.

So in this paragraph i will tell you who Victoria Soto is. Many of you do not know Victoria Soto. She was a victim in the shooting at Newtown, Connecticut. Many people do not realize what Victoria did or may do not even know her name. I think that is not right because in the next paragraph i will tell you what she did.

During the Newtown, Connecticut shooting Victoria saved the lives of 22 Kindergarten students. As the gunman came into the classroom, her students were going into the bathroom. Victoria stepped in the doorway and took the bullets for her students. She gave up her life to save the lives of 22 young kindergartners who still have the best of their lives left.

So i hope you now know the tragic death of Victoria Soto. She inspires me a lot and helps me to stay determined. Sometimes I wonder what i would have done if i was in her position. I pray to Victoria and ask her to give me courage and bravery that she had. So once again i will say that Victoria is my inspiration and my role model. Most importantly, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for saving the lives of those young children and letting them move on and live happy and helpful lives. Let them see Victoria as a role model and realize what she did for them.

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