Victor Marie Hugo

by Jill from Taipei

<a href=>Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo

My hero is Victor Marie Hugo. I like his writing and political essays very much. He lived in Paris, France, and he moved to many places when he was a statesman. He was a French novelist, playwright, statesman and human rights campaigner.

<a href=>Original manuscript of Les Miserables</a>
Original manuscript of Les Miserables

His Les Miserables and Notre-Dame of Paris are two of his famous books. These books have become melodramas that a lot of people like to watch. Les Miserables was written in 1862. It took him about 20 years to finish it. The background was in France in the 19th century. Many people were living in dreadful conditions. The main point of the book was love. Hugo wrote Notre-Dame of Paris when he was 30 years old, during the (Great) French Revolution.

<a href=>As a child</a>
As a child

Furthermore, he spoke against the death penalty and social injustice, and in favour of freedom of the press and self-government for Poland. When Louis Napoleon seized complete power, establishing a constitution. Hugo openly declared him a traitor of France. He experienced many p, but he was not afraid, and just kept up with his writings. I think that he is not only good at writing but also a brave man.

<a href='Art%20d'etre%20grand-pere/Cha_Gra/Hugo_j.jpg>Young man</a>
Young man

If I lived in the same time with Hugo, I would visit and talk to him. Maybe, I would tell him that I want to help him because he had helped a lot of people. What Hugo did inspires me to help people in need.

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