Viktor Kochkin and Daniil Anastasin

by Yana from Brest, Belarus

Have you ever wondered what a true hero is like? When people use the word "hero", they usually think of cartoon characters like Superman, Spiderman, or Sponge Bob. As for me, they are not real heroes. I appreciate those people who do something in their life overcoming obstacles.

I'd like to tell you about two friends - Viktor Kochkin and Daniil Anastasin. The boys were grown up in an orphanage. Being disabled since their childhood they have never given up and spend a lot of time self-developing. I heard about them for the first time about two years ago or so, they were participating in the show called "Minute of Fame". They did some breakdance moves, but as I've already mentioned - they are disabled, they don't have both legs. I'm absolutely sure that they did a lot to win the main prize of the show as they are hardworking boys. So I can say that they are real heroes of our time.

Despite the fact that the boys were born without legs, they have never been in despair. They are very hardworking and have the hobbies they really like. The boys are fond of breakdance. Of course, the first trainings weren't successful, but the boys didn't give up. They kept on training and training.

One day they heard about the TV show "Minute of Fame". Victor & Daniil started preparing for the show. They danced as well as they could and wanted to win. They were the best with their touching breakdance and took the first prize. After this TV program the boys started looking for their mothers. A special program on Channel One was done in the show "Let Them Speak" to help the boys. Daniil's mother took him back, the son has forgiven his mum and now they live together. Victor's mother was crying and apologizing to her son during the show but they aren't together. Victor goes on phoning and writing to his mum in one of the social networks. He hopes that one day his mother will come back to him. () ()

I hope that everybody who reads this story will understand that there is no place for despair in our life. We should be ready for everything and try to solve any problem. If you are hardworking and diligent you can achieve a lot. You can reach the stars if you want.

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