Pancho Villa

by Bertin from San Diego

My hero is Doroteo Arango, known as Pancho Villa. He was born in June 5, 1876 in San Juan Del Rio Durango. Pancho villa was from a very poor family so that is why there is no record of who his parents were. He affirms that his parents are Luis Gurrola and Marcela Arambulo De Arango.

Pancho Villa was known in all places as a friend of all poor people. At the time that people lived in extreme poverty, he had been feeding complete regions. He had got in charge of the desolate people that were removed from their land by federals.

Pancho Villa was in the Mexican Revolution in 1910. Pancho Villa had achieved many things during his life. He fought in the Mexican Revolution. He was able to manage the situation and was able to defeat them and was declared victorious. Pancho Villa had a lot of men with guns disposed to fight for their rights. Villa reformed his life from an outlaw to a recognized general. On March 8, 1916 Pancho Villa guided one thousand five hundred raiders to cross the United States border so they would be able to assault Columbus, New Mexico in reaction to U.S.A government officials.

Francisco Villa lived in San Juan Del Rio, Durango. At first he lived on his dad’s farm and worked there as well. Right after he became a bandit, a fugitive and a criminal, spent his life hiding in Chihuahua and also at the U.S.A. border. Doroteo Arango/Pancho Villa was killed in an ambush when he was crossing the bridge of Guanajuato, México on July 20 1923. He was not killed by federals or Carranza; it was by the new president of México Adolfo De La Huerta. His tomb today lies in Durango, México.

Pancho Villa lived in the time that the revolution was beginning. In those times it was very harsh to be poor. There was always hard work to do. And the poor people weren’t really accepted. That is the reason that General Pancho Villa fought. To me Francisco Villa is my hero because he was a great inspiration to me and for many other millions of Mexicans. To me he was a contributor because he loved helping people that are poor. He was one of the greatest Mexican, General and leader. Pancho Villa was and will always be the best revolutionary.

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