Walt Disney

by Firdaus, Sukma, Yogi, Dio, Widodo from West Java

About Walter Elias Disney
<a href=>Walt Disney and 7 Dwarves</a>
Walt Disney and 7 Dwarves

Walter Elias Disney is known as a famous cartoonist and for making Disney World and Disneyland. His dream was to become a cartoonist, and his dream came true.

<a href=>Walt Disney as an infant</a>
Walt Disney as an infant

Walter Elias Disney was born in 1901. He, his sister Ruth, And his brother Roy, grew up in Chicago where they attended Benton Grammar School.

Walter Elias Disney was born to be a businessman, but he was not like any other. Since childhood, he was making cartoons, and from childhood, his hobby was making cartoons.

He won a lot of awards - Academy Awards, where he received many Oscars, and also Golden Globe. Walter Elias Disney will be a famous businessman in the world forever.

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