William Shakespeare

by Carlos from Mexico

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William Shakespeare

A hero it is not recognized by his popularity or his abilities. A hero is recognized by all the actions or benefits that he has done. There are heroes that inspire people like the hero that I am going to talk about, the famous writer, William Shakespeare.

I chose this hero because he is the Michael Jordan of writing or it could be the Rocky Marciano of boxing, the abilities of this character are incredible. This writer also has values like, in his time he was very charitable with his coworkers, he was a humble person.

William Shakespeare was the most famous writer. We will never forget his famous book ‘’Romeo and Juliet’’. This man did not also only write drama, he also wrote the comedy ‘’Cardenio’’ that was based on the ‘’Don Quijote de la Mancha’’(This information was obtained of He also made ‘’History of a Cardenio’’.

Shakespeare is very recognized by his books and his gifts as a writer, but my impression about this man is that he is a hero for me, because he inspires me to write poems. His poems gave me some inspiration or ideas, like that if a man knows how to forgive it doesn’t matter if he get an error, forgiveness is really cool. The books and poems of William are very interesting. However some people read all his poems and they say, what? Some people also make fun of his work because they think it is so sissy.

In conclusion my hero William Shakespeare is a real hero because he inspired a lot of people and I also admire him for all his dedication, poems and books , he wrote. That's why I see William Shakespeare like a hero for me.

Shakespeare will affect my life by the following ways, i will improve my writing by learning words, styles of writing and, by learning more culture, so now I will not be a simple student, I will know something that a lot of people know - how to write correctly.

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