Willie Apiata

by Claudia from Kaikoura

Corporal Bill Henry "Willie" Apiata, age 40, is a highly celebrated New Zealand hero.

Apiata has now dedicated his VC and other medals to the Special Air Service Trust based in Papakura, Auckland. This is a very generous act, one not many people would do. He has many excellent characteristics; generosity, bravery, courage, modest and caring.

Willie Apiata, a great hero, but why do we think so? A man willing to risk his own life by carrying a fallen comrade under fire. Not many people would risk their life in the flame of battle. He is well-known throughout New Zealand due to his stunning bravery. A very trusted New Zealander. All New Zealanders, and others outside of our small country, are proud of him. It was a great, selfless, brave and courageous action. This is why he's our hero. This world's lucky to have HEROES like him here.

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