Wu Baochun

by Yeng Rong from Taipei

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There are many famous people in our society, and Wu Baochun is a person who earns my respect. He is a middle-aged guy. His hair is black but not too many. His eyes are not small, and his smile shows his confidence. When he is working, he always wears a white hat, which makes him look like a professional baker. Besides, he is not only a down to earth person who does everything practically but also a very considerate man that he pays lots of attention to giving other people care. Consequently, he leaves a strong impression on me.

Wu Baochun was born in a poor family, and his father passed away when he was twelve, so his mother had to work furiously hard to raise her eight children. Wu Baochun did not like to study, so he only graduated from junior high school. Even if he did not study well, he still wanted to support the family in order to relieve his mother's financial burden. Thus he decided to be a bread baker. In 2010, he won the first individual championship in the world. He also defeated the top of Europe, America and Japan's master. To my surprise, he had never eaten French bread, but could win the competition twice in France. He is making the legendary baking industry. In the face of all the people's attention, many of them think that he did not get a good grade, and did not believe that he could be successful. However, there is always a reason behind the success, and the reason why he could finish his dream is that he discover his shortcoming - he could only read approximately five hundred Chinese characters. At the most critical moment, he met a person named Jianliang , who inspired him when he went to be a soldier. Jianliang take him to understand the university's life, and encouraged him to make an effort to study. Because of the opportunity, he began to set a goal that he want to be a excellent baker.. Most of all, his mother gave him the courage to do everything. In the process of his life, the most important thing he tells us is perseverance, persistence. Finally, what I learn from him is "learning constantly will succeed. "

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