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William Belsey

by Armaan from Calgary

What the mind can conceive and the heart can believe, we CAN achieve!
A web about Mr.Belsey (I made it.)
A web about Mr.Belsey (I made it.)

When Mr. Belsey was young, he liked going to Y.M.C.A. camp in summer, canoeing, baseball and he played road hockey for hours. Mr. Belsey’s favourite teacher was Mr. Peter Riddel. He was Mr. Belsey’s High School Canadian history teacher. He was Mr. Belsey’s favourite because he helped him believe in himself. When Mr. Belsey was young, he was a pretty happy kid. He laughed a lot and he played practical jokes on his sister. He liked his family too. He was born and grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. His favourite game was Capture the Flag at camp. He has two best friends, Mrs. Belsey and David Fitzpatrick. When he was young it was a lot of fun, they didn’t play video games and stay inside like today, they played a lot of games outside like street hockey, hide-and-go-seek, they also played a game called kick-the-can, they played a game called five hundred-up. His two favourite books when he was little were Charlie Brown and The Sword in the Stone. He was born August 16, 1958. His favourite sport was football.

A portrait of Mr.Belsey. (I made it.)
A portrait of Mr.Belsey. (I made it.)

William Belsey graduated from Laurentian High School in Ottawa, Ontario in 1976 where he played football on three different City Championship teams, Lettered in Athletics and received the Birks Citizenship Award in his graduating year along with decent enough marks to be accepted at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. William Belsey brought the first computer into any Keewatin school in 1983 at Qitiqliq School in Arviat. He introduced Arviat students to the LOGO programming language in 1983. He also created the very first telecommunications exchange using computers, (300 baud) modems between schools in Nunavut, between Arviat and Rankin Inlet in 1984. He was responsible for the creation of a computer purchase plan for KDBE, Keewatin Divisional Board of Education, employees. Many staff have purchased computers using this program. Mr. Belsey is responsible for the Leo Ussak Elementary School web site which was the very first Web site for any school in Canada's North and has won numerous awards and media coverage from around the world! William Belsey was responsible for raising over $100,000 for the computer program at Leo Ussak School through the "Partners in Education" campaign though donations of money, used computers, and services from government and the business community.

A picture of Mr.Belsey with a computer. (I made it with paint.)
A picture of Mr.Belsey with a computer. (I made it with paint.)

Mr. Belsey created the website It’s a website that prevents bullying. I think it’s a great website! The website has won many awards & one of them is the Childnet International Award that goes to Internet projects that makes the world a better & safer place for young people and was a finalist for the Stockholm Challenge Award, which is an award that has been referred to as The Nobel Prize of the IT (Information Technology) world. Mr. Belsey is also the creator of, the world’s very first website about the issue of cyberbullying, he is often cited as the first person to introduce and name this word.

Mr.Belsey is the best teacher ever! Because he lets his students do cool stuff on He lets us save people in Botswana by going on So far, we’ve raised 51 bed nets! Our goal is 50, and we will send the money to Botswana and raise more! How we communicate with them is His other website is It tells about himself. Mr. Belsey reads the book Raven's End. The author is Ben Gadd. He once came to Mr. Belsey’s class!

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