Wu Pao Chun

by Jay from Tainan

Why does Wu Pao Chun attract me so much?
The bread Olympiad's
The bread Olympiad's

Wu Pao Chun was born in Taiwan, in 1969, and is perhaps the most well-known Taiwanese baker. In 2008, Wu Pao Chun, Cao Zhi Xiong and Wen Shi Cheng participated in the bread Olympiad's "Bread Lesaffre Cup Competition (Coupe Louise Lesaffre)", in Paris, France, They successfully won the world silver medal, and Wu Pao Chun, also won the individual European bread winner. In 2010, Wu Pao Chun represented Taiwan to participate in the inaugural World Cup in Paris Masters Bread (LES MASTERS DE LA BOULANGERIE), Wu Pao Chun defeated the other seven country participants, and further won the European-style bread group(Pain) world champion.

Wu Pao Chun grew up in Taiwan; his family was poor, and his father died at the age of 12. The widowed mother, Chen Wu Xian had to raise eight children. Wu Bao Chun left home after graduating from junior to Taipei and became a bread apprentice. After the traditional baker for ten years, he was introduced to new bread by Chen Fu Guang.

After winning the competition in the world of bread, he had been working at Pasadena Bakery "Brandied longan bread", also known as "Red wine, longan bread", was what Wu Pao Chun made when he participated in the contest the 2008 World Cup. To show "National characteristics" of bread, Brandied longan bread was made with red wine instead of rice wine, and use the Dong Shan District, Tainan City traditional method to smoke dried longan. He also added the old surface, germ, walnuts, became the European-style bread of innovation in Taiwan.

As for why I liked Wu Pao Chun very much:
I have tasted Wu Pao Chun’s bread the same one he made in the international championship. Of course, it’s very special, and after a bit of it, my mouth was filled of all fragrance of the bread, and mixed with the unique flavor of red wine and the fragrance of dried longan. Three fragrances, three flavors, but it can’t snatch each other's taste. Sure enough, it’s indeed the champion bread.

Taiwan is not a very well-known country in the international, but Taiwan has many intelligent people such as Wu Pao Chun. When the other countries people tasted the delicious bread, they remembered there is such a place, Taiwan. Not only can they find the unique flavor of Taiwanese, but also the spirit for perfection that Taiwanese people request. He also let more people know the beautiful place, Taiwan. That’s why he is my hero.

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